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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Will Cat Food Recall Affect your Dog Food?

The Robert Abady Dog Food Co., LLC Recalls "Abady Highest Quality Maintenance & Growth Formula for Cats" Because of Possible Health Risk.

This company makes both dog and cat food and the recall is due to Salmonella so although no dogs foods have been recalled as of yet  it is possible that there will be in the future if both foods are made in the same manufacturing plant.

This is a company that make both dry and canned pet foods. 

Salmonella poisoning does affect humans as well if they have touched the foods and not washed their hands right after. The elderly and young children are more severely affected from salmonella.

Salmonella poisoning in people shows vomiting , diarrhea (sometimes bloody), fever, abdominal pain and some flu like symptoms. 

Salmonella in pets produce gastroenteritis , diarrhea with or without blood,lethargy, depression, anorexia and  fever.  Not all dogs develop these symptoms as some can just be carriers of  salmonella so if you have multiple pets in the home and only a couple are sick it does not mean they don't have salmonella.  

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