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Monday, April 18, 2016

Another New Low for Pet Stores!

Puppies inside the Van
Does this van look like something you would keep a baby
in during freezing temperatures?  Does it show
any ventilation? 

Vincent LoSacco's Just Pups Store in Paramus NJ 

Ugh, Just when the word is getting out! We have petitions changing laws  and courts are closing some doors, but yet again we have pet stores  stooping to a new low to stock their shelves. 

Sadly, the ones paying  for this is not only the unsuspecting public, but also  many, many animals.


The recent article coming from Paramus NJ of a police cruiser checking the back lots and alleyways of shopping malls and shopping centers, that lead to a finding of a Van filled with puppies has put pet stores to a new low. The van, also  filled with feces, urine, ammonia odor, over crowded crates, and no adequate heat source in freezing weather, is not only heart breaking but sickening to me and should be to you!  

Vincent LoSacco, owner of  Just Pups, said in  a public statement he did nothing wrong and he did not break any law,  as  long as the dogs had food, water, and shelter they were adequately cared for , and sadly, in many respects, he is correct. Just check out the FDA guidelines in my blog  Puppy brokers the new stock market 

Morally speaking though, he is a really  BIG JERK!  To think that keeping several puppies in one crate,  with ammonia filled odor from urine , with no adequate ventilation or heat supply, in  an everyday un-insulated van in freezing temperatures makes him an even bigger jerk!

Looking at his website of the amount of puppy stores he owns, makes him not only a big jerk but a very scary person to the public and to the puppies he sells.   

From Just Pups web site comes very scary information on the amount of puppies he may have.
 "Make Just Pups in Emerson, Paramus, East Hanover or East Brunswick New Jersey your first stop when considering purchasing a puppy. Between all of our New Jersey puppy stores we serve Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren Counties in New Jersey."

I would suspect his is  not the only  pet store that may do this, just the only one that got caught!   

These slimy  places should be put out of business for good and that can only happen,  short of a court order,  when the PUBLIC refuses to shop in such stores!  
If you see a pet store that is selling dogs, short and simple, don't go in! Do Not buy anything from them! Not dog food, pet toys, crates, bowls , ANYTHING!    This is  the only way to close down a business that has such little regard for life.

 A Judge ordered on April 8th  that the Paramus NJ store remain  shut down which of course Mr. LoSacco is fighting. The next court date is May 2. 

Though I hope that all of his stores are closed for good it is not likely nor is it likely that there will be any end to the sale of puppies via puppy mills such as where people like LoSacco gets his puppies from. No reputable breeder would ever sell to a pet store or hire a second or third party to sell  their puppies.

The answer to ending puppy mill sales in pet stores lies with the public. If you don't stop buying dogs, including designer dogs (which hopefully you know are only mutts), you keep people like LoSacco in business to harm more puppy lives in the future and give mill breeders a reason to keep breeding.

Take a moment to look inside that van and picture yourself living there as puppies probably did for years before he was caught.

Just Pups website Gallery link