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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WARNING! New Puppy Mill Tactics!

Thanks to the many dog friends that I have there a­­­re always alerts of one kind or another in the name of keeping dogs safe. Sometimes the information a recent food or treat recall, product recall, awareness of puppy mills such as I wrote about in the article on this blog “Puppy brokers the new stock market.”

 Thankfully the general public has left comments on that blog telling of other people to 
beware of out there so I am hoping to see comments on this post from the public as  well. The more we can find of this type of operation the sooner they can be shut down. I would think by now nothing that puppy mills do would surprise me but this takes the cake! As a 501c3 they can also run fundraisers to feed and use the money on these animals but I am sure none will do so.  The below post came from a reputable rescue and they too are looking for  information so I will post it in its entirety. If you can help them further their investigation please do so by email or if you can make others aware of an unscrupulous rescue group please leave something  here to warn others. When I get further information as to how to spot such rackets I will post here in the comments section or add a new blog post.



There are individuals and groups who are creating non-profit animal rescue organizations, those who have been and continue to be in the puppy mill/broker/pet store business. As the pressure has been applied by many organizations local and national to make congress end the dirty dealing business that goes on behind closed doors in the puppy store world, they are turning to a safer avenue to practice their unscrupulous exploitation of dogs.

Because of the outpouring of education on where puppies come from (puppy mills) the puppy store business is down and will slowly be depleted. These pet store dealers have turned to a new way of profiting off of animals by filing with the IRS to become a charitable 501c3 organization under the guise of rescue. So now, they are bypassing state laws and the state inspectors that regulate the cleanliness, health certificates and origin of puppies. They are no longer subject to the complaints filed to the state. All the while they bring puppies in from other puppy stores and fooling the public by saying they are animals rescued from death row shelters. Many feel there is shortage of small adoptable dogs in NY area. This gives great opportunity to act as non-profit and be supplied with an unlimited amount of puppies. It also bypasses the puppy lemon law. We have uncovered several groups and individuals that are conducting themselves in this capacity . We have our private investigators, Parco Private Investigators working on these matters. We ask that you report any information as a concerned pet lover and we will pass it along. If you feel people are getting them from pet dealers or brokers, please report to us, as we will provide the necessary authorities with this information as we are working very closely with them.

We understand that many organizations take small dogs in from out of state that may otherwise be euthanized. But these new groups are purporting they are from out of state but in reality they are coming from other pet dealer stores. It’s a very tricky, sticky wicket and only those that are savvy in the rescue world see the pattern. A tell tale sign is when customers call and request a specific breed of puppy and coincidentally it is “arriving this week”, breeds such as French bulldogs, Boston terriers, and Chihuahua puppies that rarely come into a rescue organization. They are coming in on a puppy store truck to another store or house and for a few bucks are being handed over to these “rescuers”. It is a new way to make money off the backs of innocent animals, all the while skirting the laws.

If you are looking for a new best friend, please go to a known, reputable animal shelter. If you suspect any unscrupulous dealings at a “rescue shop” please report it to Guardians of Rescue at