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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wendy Laymon's Puppy Mill tactics. Know of her?

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great organization

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how puppy mill dogs are kept

This information just came through my email courtesy of about a lady, Wendy Laymon, who hit the road once she was caught selling puppy mill pups.  So in order to  keep all of you  informed each time I receive a name I am going to publish it. Those that have had dealings with  said  person are free to dispute, deny, or confirm in the comment section below as this is an open forum and I am not a judge or jury. But be warned, if your name passes my desk in this manner it will be forwarded to others here. If your name is clear you will have no problem proving it, I am sure.  

Please know that when such people are found in one area doing this that they just move to the next area where they may go unnoticed for a while and sometimes they give a false name (s).  This particular person seems to be selling these pups online.  Remember anyone can build a website and make themselves look good, even a business! 

I previously wrote about the new new puppy mill tactics in the link  below which also included my link to Puppy Brokers The New Stock Market, written back in Feb of 2011,  so if you did not get a chance to read either  please do. In my article  Puppy  Brokers, in the comment section you will see names of people who others like yourself have had a run in with. Familiarize yourself with such names when looking for  a dog. Never buy a dog sight unseen or over the internet. If you are planing to spend big bucks on a pup make sure you know what you are getting.    

Link to New Puppy Mill Tactics, click here   

To go to the  the original article on Wendy Laymon  click here  I would suggest you subscribe to the Examiner's  site as well.  

 There are too many puppy mills and not enough inspectors to cover them all. As well there is a loophole in selling puppies online so it is up to you and I to put these people out of business!  Please do not buy a dog based on a rating of the Better Business Bureau  as they too are bought off  to give a good rating. They mislead  the public as you can see here in this 20/20 investigation.