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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 In the overnight hours since I published my previous blog article (link here )  on jerky treats, more news has come in.  As of 20 hours ago the the FDA has reported 600 deaths of family pets and at least 3,600 illnesses caused by the Jerky Treats that are made in China ,yet the FDA is stumped on what is causing this.  Could this be another melamine type scandal? And does it frighten you as much as it does me that with all the testing the FDA cannot yet come to a conclusion?

US pet owners have been warned for years about chicken jerky treats, pig ears, pig snouts and bully sticks  yet so many are still purchasing these products and I suspect until they are taken off the shelves altogether unsuspecting victims will continue to buy them.

Aside from the most recent look into these products by the FDA we should be very leery of any pet products made in China or anywhere outside the USA.  

Also, though all of these items  are said to be "digestible" by companies they are not! They do not break down in the system and if large pieces of such items are swallowed, you run the risk of obstruction. Raw hides are also a cause for obstruction so if you give these you need to be sure you are watching the dog as they chew on them especially if they are aggressive chewers and you should take it away when it gets too small or you see the dog is taking off to  large of a piece.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FDA Digging Deeper into Jerky Treats

this pic was grabbed from
the net. It is not indicative
of the products that were tested.

It has been long known to some dog owners that chicken, pork, & beef Jerky Treats for dogs has been a problem and caused much illness and death. Though it would be remiss of me to think
that there are not still a few new dog owners out there that are not aware of the harm these products  can cause.  Right now Jerky Treats are being investigated even deeper  by the FDA and the FDA could use your help.

 If by chance you gave your pooch some jerky treats,  keep the package! If your pooch gets sick within a day or two of eating the treats take the dog to the vet for testing.  Mention to your Vet the jerky treats during your visit and ask  your Vet if  he/she would want to take some samples  of either blood , tissue, or urine to be tested  by the FDA.  It's free, the FDA is willing to cover the cost.  It could help get this product off the market!

Though Bully Sticks are not mentioned in this FDA investigation they too cause illness and this person would not recommend you give them to your dog. They are nothing more than dried uncooked penises  from slaughtered bulls and  steer. Since they are uncooked I can only imagine the bacteria attached to them.  Of 26 bully sticks that were tested from 26 different manufacturers at  least 8  contained bacterial contamination some showed E Coli and others came back as methicillin resistant  Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).   These contaminants can also cause illness to the humans handling them. There are safer ways to entertain your dog and use it's mind over giving bully sticks or jerky treats.  

We are a country of imports folks and the countries we are importing from do not have the same standards and regulations  that the US has.  And no offense but dogs are treated by the law as property so a lot of things harmful to them get tossed by the wayside because of that.  The biggest problems come from China, but I suspect problems can come from anywhere in which  rules and regulations are not put in place  and the goods are cheap!

At this link you can read the new FDA report.  Jump on board and lets wipe out treats coming from other countries. Countries I  might add that sometimes  kill dogs for human consumption!

Also this came in after I posted this article. Click Link here      This portal will take you directly to where you need to be to report an illness