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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 In the overnight hours since I published my previous blog article (link here )  on jerky treats, more news has come in.  As of 20 hours ago the the FDA has reported 600 deaths of family pets and at least 3,600 illnesses caused by the Jerky Treats that are made in China ,yet the FDA is stumped on what is causing this.  Could this be another melamine type scandal? And does it frighten you as much as it does me that with all the testing the FDA cannot yet come to a conclusion?

US pet owners have been warned for years about chicken jerky treats, pig ears, pig snouts and bully sticks  yet so many are still purchasing these products and I suspect until they are taken off the shelves altogether unsuspecting victims will continue to buy them.

Aside from the most recent look into these products by the FDA we should be very leery of any pet products made in China or anywhere outside the USA.  

Also, though all of these items  are said to be "digestible" by companies they are not! They do not break down in the system and if large pieces of such items are swallowed, you run the risk of obstruction. Raw hides are also a cause for obstruction so if you give these you need to be sure you are watching the dog as they chew on them especially if they are aggressive chewers and you should take it away when it gets too small or you see the dog is taking off to  large of a piece.

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