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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Face Recognition Finds Your Lost Dog!

There is as new online and phone app that may possibly be the next best thing to a gravy biscuit for Fido owners! This new app is called and what it does is allows people to reunite with their lost pets with only a picture using face recognition.

This will be helpful this July 4th holiday when so many pets run off once the boom of the fireworks start. Unfortunately many do not keep their dogs in the home  and sometimes dogs that are in the home become so frightened they jump out the window.  is an easy to use , Just go online, to  upload your dog’s picture, try to use a facial profile as you will need to put the eyes in a certain place. Add the name, breed, and birth date or age and you are set!
You can find their face book page here

Uploading pictures to the computer 

 You can download the app to your Iphone or android.  The App is FREE!  Anyone who finds your pet can then take the picture and submit it to finding rover! The facial profile from that picture is matched with the one you registered.

If you are the finder of the lost dog make sure to get a head shot to send in, not a full body shot though a body shot may be helpful later to show the potential owner.  .

On the website under the Search icon there is also a list of dogs lost and found in your area which is a good thing to check to see if your dog has been found or to help identify a dog you have found.   

This is relatively new so more dog members may need to get online and register in your area so spread the word to friends. The more dog owners out there, the better chance you have to recover your dog in your area, or if you are traveling and the dog gets lost, then it will help there too!

   Of course I would be remiss if I did not put this to the test! So after uploading Brody’s profile pic, I then went under the “found dogs” icon and uploaded another picture of  Brody’s face to see if his profile would come up. The site scanned Brody’s face and brought me to two dogs that looked like Shih Tzu’s not at all like Brody’s description. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed that Brody’s picture did not come up. However, I went back to my home page and reported Brody missing, then did another check and Volia, there was his picture at the top of the page under Found!

Lost Dog Post

Dogs that match Brody's  facial profile You can
see that Brody is on top of the list 

I would say I have to play around with this a bit on my android as I am not really phone savvy, But I can take a picture of a found dog on my phone, send it to my email then upload it to the site. As for the computer, it worked out fine and I was able to find my dog, albeit sleeping in my own bed!    

For youtube video of it's ease of use click  here   

I would give this App 4 paws up, especially for ease of use with the computer. If you are phone savvy then it should  be just as easy!

Reporting Instructions :

Report a Found Dog

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2015 02:05PM PST
On a Mobile Device
1.                       Tap Report! in the bottom middle of the screen
2.                       Click Found
3.                       Click Okay to upload a photo from your device or to take a new photo
4.                       To upload an existing photo, click on the photo boxes (bottom right)
5.                       To take a new photo, use the Bark Button (bottom left) to get your dogs attention, click the Photo Button. Make sure to focus on your dogs face
6.                       To retake the photo, click Back in the top left corner

On the Web
1.                       Click Report! in the top middle of the screen
2.                       Click Found
3.                       Click on the Choose File button to navigate to an existing photo

The following steps are the same on mobile devices and the web
Adjust the photo
1.                       Click on the photo to move it so that the eyes are lined up with the line across 
2.                       Click Next in the top right corner
3.                       Place a circle on each eye and the triangle on the nose
4.                       Click Next in the top right corner, the photo will then be scanned

1.                       Identify the location the animal was lost from by typing in an address, cross streets, or moving the pin to the correct location
2.                       Click Next in the top right hand corner

Enter details
1.                       Enter YOUR primary contact phone number (usually a cell phone)
2.                       Enter the actual date the dog was found
3.                       If there is a reward, enter the amount
4.                       Enter any additional information that will help (distinguishing features, gender, collar description, temperament, date/time found, etc.)
5.                       Click Done in the top right corner, the photo will be auto scanned

1.                       Based on a scan of the photo, Possible Matches posted by other Finding Rover members in the area will display 

Possible Match
1.                       If a lost report is located that could be the same dog, click on the photo of the Possible Match to open the profile
2.                       Click Match? to link the records together FIRST
3.                       Click Create Match (this will now show on your Home page)
4.                       The Possible Match record will display at the bottom of the screen (scroll down)
5.                       This will display the Possible Match record on the owners, finders or partners Home page that they will see the next time they access their account

Make Contact

On a Mobile Device
1.                       If a phone number is available, click Call ‘Name of Possible Owner’ to call
2.                       If a phone number is available, click Text Message ‘Name of Possible Owner’ to send a text
3.                       Click Email ‘Name of Possible Owner’ to contact through your email system (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

On the Web
1.                       The phone number of the partner will display
2.                       Click Email ‘Name of Possible O

Internet search finding rover,  hit bars menu on upper left, click  login