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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raw pet food by Bravo recalled 3-13 2012

I think I want to write  a song about salmonella as I have heard so much about these last couple of months!  Too bad the chicken dance already has its own music!

And the beat goes on......

Hopefully you know the drill by now of what symptoms to watch for in your dogs/cats of salmonella poisoning. Remember if you have  a few dogs and only one or two are sick it does not mean that they do not have salmonella as dogs can be carriers of it with no ill effects.     

Bravo Raw Food  diet 2 lb Chicken Blen for dogs and cats manufactured in  Manchester Connecticut 
frozen product  with code 06/14 /12   for more info contact the company  1-866-922-9222.

Turducken Canine Diet 8 oz Patties made by Steve's Real Food Inc of Murry Utah. Frozen food with a use by date of 10/27/13  B209 
contact: 801-540-8481 or\\

for more info click here