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Friday, November 1, 2013

Bailey's Choice Recalls Chicken Jerkey Treats

Surprised?  Ha! Neither am I!  The recall is due to a salmonella problem and although the site says it is not dangerous to your pet I would strongly disagree depending on the pet. Salmonella causes diarrhea , sometimes bloody, vomiting, fever, cramping and lack of appetite so if you are sporting a young pup, an elderly dog or a small breed which can get hypoglycemia from not eating for a few days and continuous vomiting then I say it is a potential problem. Hey call me fickle. What they want to do is warn humans because it will also affect you and if your dear great ,great aunt Tilly  gets sick and dies  you can sue the crap out of them!   

Should you want to make  a report  to the FDA  click here

The Bailey company will give you a full refund for any treats you have and you can contact them here 770-881-0526 
The Bailey home page is here   and to the right is their Face Book page in which you can get more information. 

Taken from Bailey's Choice Face book page
Bailey's Choice is issuing a voluntary recall of our chicken jerky treats that have two lot dates: June 5, 2013 and October 8, 2013. These two lots tested positive for salmonella. We have had no reports of anyone or any pet becoming sick. These treats will not harm your dog, dogs digestive systems are designed for eating raw food. It is more dangerous to humans. As with all raw foods, after handling jerky products, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly. We are working with the GA Dept of Agriculture closely to recall the effected lots. We will have more details here as they become available.
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I would love it if everyone would call and say they had these treats which would cost the company billions of dollars in refunds which may send a message to stop selling this shit to unsuspecting consumers! Sorry but I am mad as hell and not going to take it much longer!