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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gross! Worms crawling out of the dogs skin?

Learn about the very dangerous Cuterebra infestation. Curiosity can kill the cat, or dog in this blog!

We have all heard of the different types of intestinal worms a dog can get and need treatment for, but have you heard of the worm that migrates through the dog’s nose, mouth, or a cut in the skin and burrows under the skin? This larva, through migration, makes a cyst on the body with a perfect round hole in the center of it for breathing where you can see its head and you may see a little pus as well. This worm is called the cuterebra worm and is found where large flies infest the dens of rodents, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife. The well cared for dog gets infected when he comes upon a nest of baby wildlife where the cuterebra larvae have infested. Most of the larvae holes can be found on the head and neck of the dog and some of the larvae makes its way to the eye, eyelids, or to the brain causing nervous system abnormalities. Here’s the kicker, if you see such a worm in your dog’s skin DO NOT try to take it out yourself as this can be very dangerous if the worm breaks in half. The worm must be taken out whole without breaking or squishing. Your vet may need to widen the hole around the worm to take it out as it can be up to ½ inch in length. Your dog may also need antibiotics for a secondary infection.
So if your pooch is a frequent curious investigator of wildlife, give him a good checking over, especially around the head and neck. Any little lump should be carefully examined.

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  1. Walk, don't run to your vet if you see something peeking back at you from a lump on your pet's...well, anywhere. It isn't going anywhere, and it won't do anything harmful if it's in a place you can easily see it.