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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Del Monte and Nestle restocking shelves with Chicken Jerky treats

It was not so long ago that the FDA was looking for owners who  suspected their dogs had died or became seriously ill from Chicken Jerky treats and issued   warnings to the public about purchasing such treats.
Many of these treats were taken off the shelves voluntarily by the companies.

The news is, that companies are putting these treats back on the shelves. 

Nestle Purina is stocking  the Waggin' Train Treats for Dogs and some of these treats /products  are strictly from a china supplier, while other treats are sourced entirely from the US.  If you feel you absolutely mus have these treats I would warn you to read each label carefully.

Del Monte will restock shelves with their Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Griller's Recipe treats using US sourced meat. 

 No offense, but with the continuous problems that the US has with  foods that are contaminated   I would be very skeptical that outbreaks from chicken jerky treats would be found before a serious illness or death was reported. 

Purina states that they will apply stricter rules and safety issues for  food contaminants, however this is a company like many companies whose bottom line is the almighty dollar. 
Heck, even one of my favorite most trusted products in  my world,  Toyota, recently taught me a lesson on this exact topic!  How many  Camry's had to be recalled?  It really hit home to me when my brother's car, a Toyota Camry, through no fault of his own accelerated uncontrollably with no way to stop it, which is what so many were reporting prior to the recall and whose complaints went unheard until it could not be contained within the company anymore. Thankfully neither he nor his family were killed in the incident. 

So Who can we trust?

 My best advice is don't trust anyone who is in it to make money and  to avoid all of these types of Jerky treat products  to send a message to the companies that they are not  doing enough to prevent illnesses in either our pet's food or their treats.  The more you boycott and do not buy these products the sooner the makers  may get the message.  We have to be vigilant about this in order to succeed. We can't leave it up to the FDA alone as there is simply not enough people to catch the outbreaks prior to the selling of the treats.  This is where we, the pet owning population have to start to take matters into our own hands and we can do it. We just have to spread the words  DO NOT BUY! So share this blog link with every pet owner you know!

For more information you can read the NBC news article  here    

Should you suspect illness from either a pet food food or treat you  can complain about it to the FDA   Safety  Reporting Portal link here

FDA fact sheet about Chicken Jerky treats here

Until  next time happy training!

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