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Monday, March 7, 2011


Gracie and her buddy Rosie

With all my rants and warnings on puppy mills, back yard breeders, and puppy brokers, I found that I forgot to mention others. The dedicated people who rescue and remove those loving dogs and pups who through no fault of their own would have been destined to a life of no social contact, inbreeding, illness, and made to live in deplorable excrement filled conditions.

One such dog that was rescued from these horrendous conditions was a dog named Gracie. Gracie, with her one blue eye, who was probably deaf from birth, and needed surgery on her spine was a beautiful Dalmatian rescued from a puppy mill and moved into the home of a friend and fellow STDTC club member, Dagny.

Even though Gracie came from such conditions, she was not bitter about her first impression of humans, not aware of her deafness, and never short on love. She gave every ounce of her heart to the people she visited as a working Therapy dog.

I am glad that Chance, Steeler, and I had the chance to meet her and I imagine that in dog heaven she still has plenty of love to give, but we will miss her here on earth.


  1. i miss her


    she was a very special dog


  2. Well said, Sally - she was a great girl!