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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twenty-First Annual Children’s Fair

Steeler & chance
Under the Billboard with
their picture. 

Chance (left) Steeler (right)
Yes, yes I know, this is a dog blog! Read on.

Chance and Steeler spent another day charming the public and delighting the children at the 2011 Children’s fair acting not only as the wonderful therapy dogs that they are (brag, brag) but also doing their job as mascots for the Columbia/ Montour County Animal Response Team (CART). The PA State Animal Response Team provides rescue and shelter to animals during disaster situations in Pennsylvania. Each county in PA has a CART in existence. To find the coordinator of your County Animal Response Team in Pennsylvania please visit  and while you’re there, sign on as a member it’s so easy to do! For other SART states go to

What does CART have to do with a Children’s fair?

Well, for those of you that do not know, Chance and I wrote a children’s story several years ago that tells the young child how to put a safety suitcase together for their pet in the event of a pending disaster. This suitcase is something that can be made well in advance and kept up with as pets change over the years. The intent of the book was to give control to the children who so often find themselves in the midst of uncontrollable situations. You can download this book here (free) and not only read the story but the kids can color it.  This book is given to every child attending a Pennsylvania SART event and is both valuable in information and free of charge.

A big thank you!

So, on behalf of the Columbia/Montour CART, Chance, Steeler, and I would like to thank Beth Cherwinski of the Columbia and Montour Child Development program for inviting us back again this year.

Although my boys have only been a part of this annual occasion for the last couple of years, this event is actually going on its twenty first year of providing the community a place of fun and learning with their children.

Hey, nothing says lovin’ like a warm place to get out of the chill on a windy February day! The only thing missin’ is mom’s chicken soup!

The children’s fair offers parents information, instruction, partnerships, and plain old fashioned fun memories.

While of course I am normally partial to pooches for entertainment, I can’t ignore the fact that there were spectacular child entertainers taking the stage as well.
Singers Woody Wolfe  and KJ Reimensnyder -Wagner   were just two of several special guests that delighted both child and adult alike. Having had the pleasure to see both of them in action previous to this event, I know what a delight they are for children of all ages. ( well except for those pesky teens who know it all! ) If you ever get a chance to see either of them, don’t miss out!

So if the next year's cold Saturday in February finds you in PA with your kids or if you plan on moving into the area, check out  events that are upcoming and how you can become involved with  ‘Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children’

Check out our video of Chance & Steeler “Big dogs, little people 2

Until next time, do something fun with both your kids and your pets!

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