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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your dog might be owned by  a Redneck if....

The pics are random off the web. My dad grew up in Stamping Ground Kentucky and this is the way I think generations back viewed their family dog as opposed to today's modern family .

Your dog might be a redneck if…      
He uses your old Ford as his dog house

He wears a choke chain for his regular collar

The old tire used for your flower box doubles as the dog’s bed

Drags his dog house behind him while still attached to the chain

Uses the clothesline  as a dog anchored run

Is tied to a tree

He’s got a picture of dogs playing poker in his dog house

There’s a can of Schlitz by the water dish

He’s allowed to run free and spend the night with any female in heat

Is hooked on steroids

Wears a leather jacket and hat with a skull and cross bones

Is dressed as a human hot dog

Wears a fake spiked collar to make him look tough

Keeps the natural odor of skunk around the neck

Is dressed as another breed of dog

Lays around licking his genitals

Likes having his nose rubbed in feces

Still sports a flea collar

Wears antlers during the holidays

Lives under the porch

Survives on only human leftovers

Wears camouflage during hunting season

Is bathed once a year with the hose and Old Spice

His dog house is larger than the family home

He wears your kid’s diaper

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