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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buddy Bowl, the spill proof water bowl. Does it really work?

Baby Bentley

Baby Abby

2010, will mark 10 years since I first got a taste of living in a world among Newfoundland’s, and although it took me some time to get down all their antics, I did, and eventually all became well with the word! My hair unbelievably stayed intact on my head, my body parts remained in place, and the only thing that seemed disconnected at times was my mind!

At the time that Peter first brought baby Bentley into my life, and then shortly after baby Abby, I realized I really had no idea of the breed’s fondness for water. (I know, I know, I am the last person that should be preaching “know your breed before you bring it home!” In this house, we bring home whateva!)

I quickly became aware that with a Newfoundland, it did not matter the water source, it could be a hose, a pond, a puddle, a pool, a bucket, or a water bowl. Thankfully, by the time they came into my life my pond fish were long dead and the fish tank was sold at a yard sale!

During their first year with us, I decided that walking around the house with a shop vac attached to my back was getting old and heavy! My wood floors were loosing their sheen, slip and fall accidents were too much the norm, and I was just plain tired! Being the ever prudent shopper that I am, I searched through every dog magazine looking for the perfect bowl. I tried tall ones, short ones, long ones, flat ones, buckets with hooks, flat sided buckets, and raised dishes, but none were safe from the frolics of a Newfoundland. I came across plenty of bowls that were advertised as ‘no spill’ and I bought them believing they would solve my problem. WRONG! I still had that shop vac attached to my back!
Hey, some people have a monkey on their back, I had a shop vac!

Enter the Buddy Bowl, an odd looking contraption at the very high cost of $19.95 per bowl. (Shhh, don’t tell Peter!) It seemed a high cost for a dog bowl at the time, but I was really, really desperate. Today, nine years later, the bowl is still in tact and the same price! (So much for inflation!)
But did  it work?  Did it get the proverbial shop vac monkey off my back?

I did a test of the product where I put it on the dog's mat and flipped and tossed it, with  held breath I might add, that it would come apart and make a mess.

It is now 2013 and Baby Bentley and  Baby Abby have since passed on and there is a new Newf/Golden mix in the house creating havoc and destruction , but in a cute sort of way. I would say Brody is resembling all the physical traits of a Golden , but sure does have the Newf's love of water in him! This time I am a bit better prepared than I was back in 2000 thanks to Bentley and Abby.

 test of  the Buddy Bowl

Pros. It does work as you’ll see in the video and there is now a color choice which was not an option for me eight years ago. This bowl has held up for a long time with just a few teeth marks in it, although it is not chew proof for a determined dog. Even though the funnel part and the opening look small, it is large enough for a big dog to get its tongue into for drinking without leaving a big mess of water dripping off the neck.

Cons: I am not sure if the bowls are made any differently now, but back when I used it, I found it somewhat difficult to take apart to clean.

I give this product 4 paw’s up as it does the job it was intended for.

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