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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh what to Say about Rosie?

I met Miss Rosie, a Springer Spaniel, about 8 years ago in dog class, back when my Newfoundland Chance was just a youngin’.  Rosie’s owner at the time went unnoticed by me as it is rare that when I see a dog so well behaved and so beautiful that I take notice of the owner. Oh sure I may give a quick glance their way but I don’t take in that mental image of them until I actually talk with them for a while but I will remember the dog!
   I am generally in awe of the whole picture because I know such a dog is devoted to its owner and the owner devoted to its dog.      

I've seen plenty of Springer’s over the years, but none quite like Rosie, and to a dog trainer Rosie was the perfect dog to have around.  She did not react over the other dog’s antics in class; she remained calm, cool, and collected no matter what doggie chaos was going on around her. She was the dog that any trainer would want to have around when trying to work with those silly barking, snarling, and lunging dogs because she emitted a calm silence with a twist of grace to those dogs that were fearful of the world around them. She lead other dogs in a way that showed them comfort and nurturing without making a big fuss about it.

In  a sense Rosie had her very own dog class in  her daily life which were family or friends to her. Some would stay for a couple weeks others for life and she made each of them feel welcome in her country home just as a good host would do, a skill that some humans lack.

To know Rosie was to love her, there was no way around it! 

As a therapy dog Rosie could calm the nervous soul, patiently await the slow hand, and suture the core of a broken heart.  Rosie will be greatly missed here on earth by many, but she will be greeted with loving paws by all those therapy dogs that passed before her.

Rest peacefully Rosie girl, we were blessed to have had you with us.

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