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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hartz Recall on Treats

Jan 25 , 2013

Don't you just love voluntary recalls? Essentially the company makes you feel they are doing a good thing by doing it voluntarily but really had they been on their game to begin with especially knowing that there has been this same problem with trace evidence of antibiotics in other chicken chews put out by other companies going back into the beginning of January, they may take steps to stop production before they get to the shelves?  This time it involves not only chicken but also pig...go figure! 

The antibiotics found in all of these treats (Hartz and the others)  are approved in China but not in the good ole' USA
'To date no known illnesses have been reported of animals but seriously what dog does not get a bout of illness coming from an unknown source? If you fed the chicken or pig treats consider that your source!
If you have any suspicion that anything you fed your pet made them ill you can always  file a report with the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinaors by clicking here 


 Any questions for Hartz?  1-800-275-1414   for a product refund go to

Products: Oinkies pig skin twists  wrapped chicken with chicken products and Chicken chews  

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