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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RECALL on human Soybean Tempeh~is there a connection?

Today the FDA put out notice of a recall in human soybean tempeh for salmonella, so I asked myself, does this tie in with the recent recalls of dog food?
 I am no cook connoisseur by any means, give me a chicken cutlet and tell me its pork and I'll believe you! Especially if I cooked it myself! Everything I make tastes the same, charred and crunchy!  
Here is what I found on Soybean tempeh as it pertains to okara:  Okara via this site and I quote because I would get it all wrong if I did not quote it,
 Okara is a white or yellowish pulp comprising the insoluble portion of soybeans. It is low in fat, high in fiber and contains protein, calcium, iron and riboflavin. In Japan, okara is mainly obtained from soybeans as soy milk, which is used as the starting material for several foods such as tofu. Okara is used as a human food or livestock feed or is discarded.
The site goes on to tell you how there was testing of this product in dog food and I quote again,
“The findings demonstrate that dried okara-tempeh is effective for improving the fecal environment in dogs and that okara, which is currently discarded, can be used in dog food.
It could just be me being paranoid after the China Melamine debacle, but you’ve got to admit, it is food for thought!  I’ll leave it to you  too make your own assumption as my own paranoia is turning my hair gray!

The FDA recall report:
The site on Okara and dog food
I personally will not be eating any tofu anytime soon, at least not that I know of!

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