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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dog foods that Diamond produces for

Here is a list of names that Diamond dog  food facilities supply. I suggest that if your dog eats any of the below foods you bring it back for refund or exchange. I don't say this because I know these foods are contaminated, I say this because I believe that the companies had to have known back in Oct. 2011 when humans became ill from this rare strain of salmonella and were telling the FDA that they did touch a dog food product made by Diamond and that the strain was found in an unopened bag of Diamond food.   It is now 7 months later and newer recalls are still going on. Can you trust that the food is indeed safe?

Not to complain but, hey I just spent the day shaving down the asses of my Newfoundlands knowing that the onslaught of diarrhea is yet to come from the sudden change I had to make in their diet. When I returned my 3 bags of food today there was very little dog foods left on the shelves  to pick from! 

 Next I will tell you to buy some canned pumpkin, plain yogurt, and rice because once these food changes  for not only myself with my 5 dogs but the rest of the dog population that is effected, you may see a shortage of the above items also as they help with diarrhea!

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I found the manager of Tractor Supply to be in Bloomsburg over this matter.  I don't blame  him at all  as this is a trying situation so when you deal with the store employees remember to cut them a break , they were probably the last to know about this from the company , but  are  the first to gett the brunt of the back lash from the public. To try and make the refund process a bit easier I suggest asking for a store credit if you use the  store for other things as well as dog food. I like the products that Tractor Supply carries so if I don't use the card on dog food for now, I can buy another goodie I see that I like or I can just wait for this whole mess to be cleared up and put it toward food in the future.

Don't panic, but be informed and think ahead. 

Foods  produced by diamond 


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