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Friday, April 6, 2012

Diamond Dog Food Recalls!

Ah yikes! Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water you get caught floating back into the Atlantic on the Orca with shark hunter Quint, Chief Brody, and  Matt Hooper when  up comes JAWS grabbing you by the belly making you retch your insides out!

Has unexplained sickness entered your home lately? Got Dogs?  Check you Diamond Dog food bags people. Handling this dry food can cause dogs and humans alike to become contaminated with Salmonella.

Just had to grab my bag from the closet to check the numbers and the best used by date matches to the Jan 3, 2012 on the 40 lb bag, but the lot numbers don't match so maybe I got lucky! So far no illness here. But I'll be tossing it anyway! 
Here's the date and lot numbers which are usually hand stamped on bags and sometimes not in the best spot for reading! 

Product Name                                   Bag Size         Production Code & “Best Before” Code
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice   6lb                  DLR0101D3XALW Best Before 04 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice   20lb                DLR0101C31XAG Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice   40lb                DLR0101C31XMF Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice   40lb                DLR0101C31XAG Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice   40lb                DLR0101D32XMS Best Before 04 Jan 2013

Here's the link to diamond:

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