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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dog's helping Cats?

Greetings readers.  To the right of the page you will see a donation widget, ‘Dog’s helping Cats’  and as Lucy would say to Ricky,  “Ricky, let me splain!” Only those who remember the I Love Lucy show will appreciate that line! For you youngins’ I got nothin’!

My mother raised a big family and she raised us to have big hearts to those around us in need but especially to the animal/bug/creature kingdom, heck she wouldn’t even let us kill a spider!  So as crazy as I am about dogs, my brother Rob is just as crazy about cats, hence the ‘Dogs Helping Cats’ title. I suppose I could have called it Sister helping Brother, but that just doesn’t have the same spark and I need to light a fire! And keep it lit until at least Jan 31st!

Each of  have chosen different avenues in which we support our critters, and for my brother Rob it is taking in and finding homes for special needs cats and kittens, along with the healthy cats of course. The ill cats which are not adopted, Rob will continue to care for out of his own pocket whereas other rescues would euthanize them. I would surmise that Rob works just to support the cats.  This conclusion is made because he makes the plane trip here only once every six or seven years, he travels with only the clothes on his back and a toothbrush in his pocket.  He will not leave the ill cats alone for more than a few hours as they need their medication. 

At this time he is in need of donations for particular cat named Leo.   Leo’s story can be read at the link below and it is being followed by many with updates to come. Please check out this site and if you can donate a few bucks Rob would be forever grateful as would this crazy loving cat named Leo.   Donations can be made via pay pal so it is secure and hassle free. 

Thanks folks! Once you donate, you can go take a cat nap!

My brood gives four paws up to the efforts of all of you who help to keep our critters healthy and happyJ 

click on this link about Leo

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