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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Iam's puppy food recalled!

About a week ago I was notified by another blogger that  a grocery chain (Price Chopper) was recalling food due to a high content of aflatoxin in the Iams dog and cat food. There were some links to the grocery chain mentioned in this article and when I clicked on them  the links were mysteriously missing. I contacted the blogger to ask where she had gotten her info as the links she was directing people to had not appeared. She was as perplexed as I was as they had been working earlier.

Today I opened my email only to find that the FDA is making a recall on Iams puppy food of the below products . The other blogger had also listed cat food in the recall and although I see nothing yet on cats I would suspect there may be problems there as well that maybe the FDA has not yet recognized, so beware if you own cats.

This recall is by Procter & Gamble which you can find here

Aflatoxin is a mold found in  grains which if not caught goes into dog foods that use grains. There are grain free dog foods which you may want to consider as Aflatoxin is a fairly common reason for recall (unlike the melamine recall we had a few years ago).

With aflatoxin toxicity you will find symptoms of lethargy, vomiting, anorexia , melena and hematemesiss (blood in stool) and at time death occurs before clinical signs are noted.

Will keep you posted if more Iams is recalled, but when in doubt throw it out!

Code Date
UPC Code
Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry dog food with Use By or Expiration Dates of February 5 or February 6, 2013
7.0 lb bag
8.0 lb bag
17.5 lb bag

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