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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chance ~ Feb 3, 2003~ Oct.11, 2011~ Rest peacefully ~

There are few words to describe the loss of a best friend, a friend who loved you so much that when you walked into a room their eyes were only for you.  One who brought such joy and peace to those who had no family or friends in their lives to surround them. One who did not discriminate against disabilities,  elderly, youth, color or creed and one who could teach us all how to see the world.  

My friend, when you came to me, limp, lifeless, and breathless, I pleaded with God to help me save you and bargained with the promise that if he would help me save this small precious being, a life that we both fought so hard for, that you would not be just another family dog, but a dog with a stronger purpose.

My friend, you may have come into this world breathless but you ended up being a breath of fresh air to all who came in contact with you. You brought smiles to those who were lonely or ill or just needed a hug and you gave us all inner peace with your calmness. You touched so many lives in different ways and even at the end when you thought I did not notice as I sat stroking you, I saw your tongue brush the doctor’s cheek as the he leaned over you, your last unselfishness act given to a stranger.  And as you lay on the cool tiled floor with just the two of us in the room, I saw your head tilt to hear me whisper the song I sang so many times to you as a baby. “Hush little puppy don’t you cry…”

While this pain in my heart feels suffocating and overwhelming, I know you achieved what you were put on this earth to do, that we kept our promise to God, and although I knew all along that I could not keep you with me forever, I had hoped some miracle would keep you in my life a little longer than normal.  


Rest peacefully Chance my friend, there will never be another one like you.


To my family, friends, and subscribers, I thank you for your kind thoughts and gentle words. This was a devastating blow and one that will take much time for me to get through, so I hope you are not offended when I choose not to talk about it or when I don’t pick up the phone as I know your hearts are well meaning. Grief is an individual thing no matter who or how the loss.   Know that Chance was a precious gift given to me for a purpose, a purpose that he fulfilled with ease and I was lucky to be the tool in his life. He had a big heart but one that in the end weakened and took him from us. I will remember and cherish every moment I had with him as I know you will do the same.  

A brief look into chance’s life:  

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