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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Walk Alone

By: Sally Grottini

I walk through the muddy waters and atop the mounds of broken glass, blunt metal, and wooden splinters, hoping I do not fall or sink into a dark hole of oblivion, for if I do, I will not be found for weeks, if I am found at all. My hair is long, long enough to hold the mud and debris of the toxic air and long enough for the thorns of a tattered bush to call their home, which renders my every movement  painful. My eyes are narrowed and reddened from the infection that plagues them. My voice has grown weaker and my stomach is hungry. My feet, already battered and bruised from trying to navigate the elements in search of home, my home, which once held such optimism and joy. I feel worn, beaten, frightened, and alone in my journey to find food and shelter, alone in my journey to find my way back to the home I knew.

In light of the recent disasters across the US I want to emphasize what a difference you can make by  giving just a couple of hours of your time.

Please visit to help animals in disaster in Pennsylvania.
Local? Visit the Columbia/Montour Face book page for information or join our Face book


visit to help in other states.
video pics of Alabama tornado disaster:  April, 2011
and here

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