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Monday, May 23, 2011

Event: May 28, microchip and rabies

Thank you Haven2home for providing this very valuable information.  Don't miss this event folks, keep your pets safe.

Haven to Home Canine Rescue will host a microchip clinic at Brookpark Pet Supply in Lewisburg on Saturday, May 28 from 10AM until 12PM. resQ brand chips will be administered by Dr. Lindsay of Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital. The fee will be $35.00. Rabies vaccines will also be offered for $8.00. Pets should be on a leash or in a crate. The Haven to Home dogs will benefit from the proceeds of this event.

Why Microchip?

* Because 1 out of 3 pets will become lost at least once during their lifetime.

* Because pets taken to shelters without microchipping or any identification are significantly less likely to be returned to their families.

* Because you care about your pet.

resQ makes it easy! What better way to provide your pet with a permanent safety net than with a resQ microchip? When your pet is implanted with a resQ microchip, you can be assured that your veterinarian is using a system that is safe for your pet, universally recognized, and convenient for you!

As soon as you register your pet on www.PetLink.NET you can travel with them anywhere in the world and if they get lost, a universal ISO-compliant scanner can read the chip and help get them returned home to you where they belong! And, to ensure your registered pet can always find its way home, we keep it simple by offering you NO ANNUAL FEE* to maintain your pet's information in the database!

A resQ® microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted into your pet in a single simple injection, just like a vaccine.
The microchip has a code that is unique to your pet, the way your social security number is unique to you. When a pet is found and scanned, the unique code can be traced back to you through your database registration at www.PetLink.NET allowing you and your pet to be happily reunited.

Haven to Home is a local, all-volunteer, canine rescue that was established in 2008. There is no shelter; foster homes care for the dogs until they are adopted. Most of the foster homes and volunteers are in the Union, Northumberland, and Snyder County area. The 501(c)3, volunteer-driven organization has helped over 460 dogs in need find their forever homes. To learn more about fostering a dog, adopting, or making a donation go to or email

Robin Montgomery, President
Haven to Home Rescue
Rescue, Rehab, Rehome-----The 3 R's
"Our mission is to rescue dogs in need, rehabilitate them in a quality, nurturing environment, and re-home them in a loving, responsible, permanent home as soon as possible. We will strive to promote a culture of kindness in our community through networking and education."

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