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Sunday, October 31, 2010

TRICK OR TREAT! Beware Halloween treats

PA is a bit weird, they don’t actually send their kids out for trick or treating on Halloween, sometimes it's a few days before or even after, but in any event you should be aware of treats that the health conscious, (which could range from the new wave Californians to old Grannies), are prone to put in your kid’s bag that we all know your kids will toss off to the side when they go through their goodies. Probably 2 % of  kids will really enjoy the healthy treat!

 The older generation would rather give your child something healthy, (you know who you are) and toss into the child's treasure trove the dreaded apple, a peach, a box of raisins, or baggie full of grapes, praying that the kids won't come back and egg their cars and houses two nights later! But these things can be extremely toxic to Fido so click here for the list of toxic foods and if you come across any,  give ‘em to  your Great Granny, the sooner she passes the sooner you’ll get that inheritance you've always heard about!

Keep in mind that sugar free treats may contain xylitol which is very toxic to your pet.
For information on xylitol click here This can be found in every day candy, gums, and throat lozenges so keep this in mind during the cold and flu season as well. (cough,cough)

For a great interactive chart on toxic chocolates and how much your dog has to eat of each per pound of body weight to be considered an emergency click here  

Just as dangerous as the food itself can be the wrapping, keep in mind that any non food item can cause an intestinal bowel obstruction.

Always keep 3 % hydrogen peroxide on hand in your dog's safety kit to induce vomiting should the vet or poison control suggest you do this. Directions on doing this here   keep in mind that inducing vomiting this takes a lot out of a dog and can cause stomach problems so you only want to do this if a Vet tells you to.

Happy Halloween!

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