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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010 Nine years later

Sorry folks not into dog talk today. Except for this lovely tribute video to the dogs that worked 9-11-01. click here You'll have to get through a short commercial first.
So it is the nine year anniversary of the attack on the US, and there is no peace and we are no closer to achieving it. We have a sicko claiming to be a Pastor that wants to publicly burn the Koran in the hopes that by doing so he can bargain with the Muslims not to build a mosque near ground zero in NY. (Something that the people of NY should decide, not the rest of the world). And we have people burning sites where Muslims are building in other states. Why? Well while the attack itself was hate driven, I believe that most are doing the above out of pain and fear grown from a wound that cannot heal not only because of the horrific events, but also because the person behind them is walking free, possibly plotting a future attack. Of course, then in the mix there is plain stupidity and the need to have 15 minutes of fame which I believe this Pastor  wanted and we gave it to him. Unfortunately, there are others who will seek their 15 minutes by doing something just as stupid.

Everyone remembers where they were that day, that hour, that moment, when the towers were struck, when the Pentagon was hit and where so many heroic civilians took the power of attack away from their terrorists on flight 93. I hold dear in my heart the tragic memories just as I salute the memories of the fallen hero’s. Nine Years is dedicated to those families who lost, those heroes, those everyday people who saved many, many lives on that solemn day.

Nine Years

Morose somber settles across the land

As reflections of destruction forced our hand

A day that took our daughters and sons,

And left our children without their moms.

Fathers were lost, and hero’s were found

Upon countless sections of hallowed ground

Bless those who suffer these losses so deep

With no peace to be found, in silence they weep

Let others understand, be compassionate, and true

To those civilians and hero’s who died for you.

Scars are forever and we will forever recall

Those that that plummeted to their death,

And those that heeded the call

Healing is unresolved with no reason in sight

Reach deep inside and your faith hold tight

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