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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weird but true!

Weird but true!

Oy Vey, I think the summer heat is getting to me and making me brain dead because what you are about to read is not about a new product, there are no health tips and there’s no training advice, just pure unbelievably true nonsense! So this tells me that my brain is in need of some R&R. However this leaves you with some very entertaining stories with only my commentaries! Feel free to add your own!

 I suppose I have to put some type of disclaimer on these stories as they are not mine, but rather the mindless dribble I chose to read for entertainment and pass along to you! Enjoy!

Click on the area of subject to read the articles, Just don't forget to hit the back button to see other weird stories on the blog.
“Soup Kitchen Opens for Dogs” This is not a bad idea if I must say so myself! As long as there’s no “Soup Nazi!” Granted, more people care about their dogs and will put their dog’s needs before their own so if their pooches have food, that’s more in the pocket for the owner to feed himself! What a smashing idea! I think the USA needs one of these!

DNA to fight against Dog Poop! In my opinion this one takes the cake! I think this would take up much manpower, but maybe they have a lot of time on their hands! However I think the idea of receiving a coupon for a dog product or dog food could be an incentive for some to scoop their dog's poop when out in public!

Portsmouth NH:

On another note, following the above, if you want to hide the  DNA  your dog left behind just hire this woman! Gotta say I never thought of picking up poop this way! This really gets the point across that good fences make good neighbors!


Never bite a former president! Lest you be banished! No wonder the dog is depressed! That’s all that one should have to say here, but I want to know why he allowed himself to get bit three times in the first place. And what’s the unknown body part and how did it get in the dog's mouth?  Better yet, what kind of leader does that make him?


Dog Takes The Witness Stand In French Court! What???  While I believe this may be the case I don’t get the concept. What if the dog just does not like the look of the suspect? It’s not unusual for some dogs not to like men and others don’t like men with beards! Get my point? This would be totally unjust! Or just plain, dog gone wrong!

Port Jefferson, Long Island NY:

Okay, this is too close to home for me!  The owner has a song in his heart and is signing up for open mic night but hey, his pooch felt a little left out!

Darwin city

Now if the above was not funny enough…Think you can’t get a ticket if you don’t have a car? Check out what happened in Darwin County! Maybe they ought to have hitching posts like the good old days.


This bad French Poodle cut on dog napper Michael Shoemaker is just asking for trouble! I think it’s more embarrassing than the crime itself!


Dog shoots owner while hunting! I bet the ducks they were hunting were very happy for that mishap! Take a look at that boat!


Just what I like, a dog with a cell phone and a charge card!


Problem Pooch? Go to Atlanta and put him on a reality show! I do like reality shows, but this may be a bit over the top!


Want to keep your deceased dog around forever? Do what this couple did! Can’t be that costly and there’s usually plenty to go around!

Imported from Holland:

Need a drinking buddy while you watch the big game? I’m thinking this is not a good idea. For sure there are hillbillies out there that will give their dog a real beer just because they can’t read a label and this particular bottle made for dogs resembles a hillbilly beer bottle. I don’t think the picture on the bottle will deter them at all. I’m sure some hillbillies drink Red Dog!

New York, Los Angeles, & San Diego:
Don’t have a dog? Rent one! Only 39.95! You can really get yourself a babe or hunk magnet if you’re not one who can’t stand alone!

Okay, I lied, this one can certainly be health related, and training related. I think we should all teach our dogs how not to get in a car with their owner on a hot day or train them to honk the horn annoyingly once the owner has exited the automobile!

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