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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Indestructible toys for dogs? Chewing it over, dog toys worth investing in.

Indestructible toys for dogs? Chewing it over, dog toys worth investing in.

Having owned numerous sized dogs over the years, I've had some big chewers cross my path so I am always on the lookout for good toys that last for at least three to six months and while I have come across some toys that have lasted as long as twelve years, with an example being that big ball under Steeler's chin, I had to ask, “Is there such a thing as an indestructible toy?” I think so, but those toys are ones that a dog can’t really get its mouth around. Anything else will eventually give in too the wear and stress of chewing and should be checked often no matter the company’s claim. Something to keep in mind is that ‘indestructible’ toys are not necessarily good if the dog does not play with them! With this in mind I have chosen the toys below for durability, mind stimulation, and enjoyment in their class type both for chewing and game playing.

The almost indestructible 10” dog ball. price 10.99 I've had mine for twelve years now. Great for big dogs.

Extreme Kong for tenacious chewers: price around 15.00. Kong has also made toys for chewing by seniors as seniors should not get as much tooth resistance when older.

Kong rubber ball (different sizes: cost from 6.99 to 9.99 , Another six year toy, I suspect you will loose it before it is destroyed by the dog.

Jolly pet large (10”) tug and toss. Price (sizes): 7.99 -21.99 according to size.
The ball remains with me seven years later. I like this toy because it also floats so pool fun is included!

Hurly Dog toy Made by West Paw Price 8.99

Kong Dental toy extra large. (not the rope toy) Price 18.00 and up.
Kong has a reputable name for tough toys and I like this one because of the ridges in it for teeth cleaning.

Multipets Large Giggle ball (not the giggle bell bar or small ball if you have medium to large dogs) Price: 15.00
My Golden absolutely loved this ball which lasted for five years of heavy use!

Buster Cube large interactive treat cube. Price: up to 12.99. The buster cube is a sturdy interactive toy.

Nylabone flavored bones, price: 1.69 – 12.00 according to size. All of my dogs love these and they are longer lasting than rawhide bones.

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