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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is my Rug free of dog hair? How about my furniture?

Does this carpet look like it was just vacuumed? Well it was, and by one of the best vacuums around, but look at the next picture, there is still plenty of critter hair that was left behind and that is after just one strip of the rug was done with that attachment. I still had the rest of the carpet to go!

For those of you that have been tuned into my Face Book rantings you will know how I was searching high and low for a vacuum attachment that I have had for ten years which has gone through three vacuums with me. I would never get rid of it, in fact I consider it an heirloom to be passed to other family members when I'm dead! It is universal to fit most vacuums that have a wand. I bought it years ago from a dog catalog and I have not seen it again since. I found one that came close to it and was about to order that one when I finally found old faithful. What's so special? you ask. Well as much as I love and rave about my Dyson vacuum for the good job it does, it still leaves some dog hair behind and the dog hair that it does get up usually ends up getting caught in the roller brush as it would with any vacuum. (That's the reason I attach a pair of needle nose pliers to every vacuum with a roller brush. )

My favorite attachment above hooks onto the vacuum wand, the bottom is part lint brush with an opening where the vacuum can suck in the hair. Yes, when you do a couple runs on the floor you may have to take your hand and push the hair to the suction wand, but it's a small price to pay for the amount of hair you will find left behind from most any vacuum. You also have to pull the tool toward you, it is not a device that you would push back and forth. Basically it is used exactly like a lint brush only it takes less time when attached to the vacuum rather then taking a regular hand held lint brush and cleaning your furniture or carpet. I just wish there was a company that made them larger to cover a greater carpet area . If you know of one please turn me onto it 'cuz I'll snatch one up in a second.

In the pictures you will see the wear and tear it took over the past ten years, there are holes in the fabric , it's scratched up and the lint brush that used to detach to use as a regular clean your clothes lint brush has had to be duct taped so it does not fall out! But I love it and if you are a pet owner of anything furry you have got to try one of these.
Who else would show you something this disgusting in their home as what's in the above picture in the effort to help all pet owners out there? That's right , just me!

This is one tool that I definitely give a two paws up! It has lasted so long and gotten so much heavy usage I consider it my Cadillac. This is one tool I would not want to be without! It also does a great job on wood floors as well , no scratching! I paid a total of $20.00 for this ten years ago, best twenty dollars ever. Back then I had dogs with short hair and short hair sticks into everything, especially tweed type furniture.
Here is the site of the tool that came close to this one. The price seems to be the same but add in extra for shipping.

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