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Monday, July 6, 2009

comfy cone part two Casey

Comfy Cone part 2

This is a follow up on the comfy cone that I had put on Chance a few weeks ago because of his hot spots. After a two and a half week period of a fairly heavy workout with my Newfoundland Chance, the Comfy Cone held up through torrential downpours, gigantic mud puddles and the forceful head butts into door frames. Occasionally it needed a flip back into shape from me, meaning that Chance had flipped it so that it was laying on his back rather than it being over his face. For the most part I was satisfied as it held up much longer than a standard Elizabethan collar and did not need to be duct tapped back together on a daily basis like I would have to do with the plastic type collar.

I then tested it on Casey, my Golden Retriever, a more run of the mill breed that you might find in your everyday household. His weight is about 110 lbs, not quite as big as Chance and not quite the same force behind the head butting. Casey is also a bit more agile than Chance is. Don’t fret Casey is perfectly fine, I just wanted to see how he was able to move with the comfy cone on and as you can see by viewing the attached video, he did a pretty good job. Upon first putting it on Casey was a bit hesitant to move very far, which is normal with any type of Elizabethan collar, but it did not take very long for him to get moving and learn how to navigate his way around without much trouble at all. However, once I took it off of him he was just as happy to carry it around the house rather than wear it! When I asked him if he wanted me to put it back on, he dropped it and headed for the door! Hmm, I wonder if he could understand what I was asking!

The size of the Comfy Cone was for an extra large dog, but it still fit Casey’s neck just fine on the first out of three sets of Velcro straps. I’d still give this a one paw up and one down for a dog of Chance’s size and strength, but Casey had no real problems with it. So for a normal sized dog it would get a two paws up. I found it to be worth the money and because of Casey’s shorter hair I did not have the same problem with the Velcro attaching to his fur as I did with Chance.

I'd try it on Cody, but he's a cocker spaniel and it would probably cover his whole body!
movie of the comfy cone

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