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Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay this is getting a little frustrating because I don't quite understand how all of this blog google stuff works , so every now and then when something looks interesting I push a button, and surprise, something new appears on my blog site. Once it's there , it's there for good because I have no idea how to remove it The Daily puppy , which has a blog of its own as well as places to adopt dogs, puppy training, cute puppy pictures and breed specific advice. This may be a good site for rescue organizations to check out as well. The second feature I somehow managed to get on my blog was a google search for this blog only. (that I'm aware of:) So if you were looking for a specific product I might have given my opinion on before you spend your hard earned $$$, you can do a search and it should pop up at the top of the blog. I tried it and it does work. I typed in pedi paws and the post popped up. However I typed in a more vague subject such as products and got a variation of different posts at the top of the page.
Well, feel free to give it a go and see what happens!

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