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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rate Your Vet

Okay, so after many years of living in PA I’m still not very aware of the many towns around me unless there’s a great mall involved, well actually any mall, but I do remember bad experiences and usually where they happened. Like the time I was so excited to be picking up a new dog from the pound that while backing out of the driveway I ran over my cat! I remember the vet who treated my cat and his horrendous bedside manner. I was so distraught when I left his office that I sought out another vet the next day. I wish I had come upon this site 15 years ago! But then again when I think back, I do not recall having computer 15 years ago!

So, the question is …have you ever wondered what other people think about your vet? Is there a vet that you have had a problem with and want to let the world know? Have you had such a good experience with a vet that you want to share it with the public? Have you moved to a new state and are wondering about the vets in your new area?

Well in today’s world there seems to be a site for just about everything, as unbelievable as it sounds. However this site is not a bad idea, a site you can go to and share your experience with the world about your pet's doctor. If your vet office is not listed on the site, you can add them to the list and put your opinion in print. On this same site there is a place to rate other places such as daycare centers, doctors, lawyers , and even funeral homes, although since their customer is not among us anymore I wonder who is writing the review!

The “Vet Rating” website goes by state so just click on your state and you can find your veterinary clinic, and as I said, if it is not there you can get an opinion going! It looks like the AAA clinic in Whitehall (where ever that is) didn’t fair so well but the Animal Care Center in Danville got a good write up, however to at least one viewer thought to be over priced.

Check it out and write your opinion because you could be helping someone!

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