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Monday, June 1, 2009

Dog product ~ Pedi Paws

So what’s the difference between Pedi Paws and a regular dremel? Power! More Power! Boy those commercials looked great didn’t they? If you were like me you ran right out and bought one and if you couldn’t find one, panic started to set in. I thanked God I was able to find two, one for me and one for my son! Lets face it those dogs looked as comfortable getting their nails done as their human counterparts look in a nail salon! I paid $19.99 for one and only $14.99 for the second, what a bargain! Or was it?

Pros: Two things I really like about the Pedi Paws is that it is quieter than the dremel and it’s got a nice little guard attachment at the top to keep the dog’s hair from getting tangled in the spinning mechanism. Price wise, the product cost was $5.00 cheaper then the dremel I purchased at Wal*Mart, but with shipping costs added it was about the same.

Cons: The 2 C battery power is not comparable to the dremel that is charged via the electric outlet. When I use the dremel I only need to do about three very quick taps on each nail to get it down to where I would like it. The Pedi Paws takes a longer hold on the nail and more taps to get the nail down thus seeming to stress Chance out a bit more.

So, paws up and paws down, if your pup does not mind spending the time to get the nails done then by all means go with Pedi Paws for the safety and noise features alone.

I feel the old suggestions still hold true, get your dog used to having the nails trimmed when they are very young and don’t feel like a failure if they still don’t like it when they’re older! I started cutting all seven pup’s nails from the time they were only four weeks old. Chance hates it, Steeler doesn’t mind it at all, but would prefer clippers to the dremel. Emma doesn’t mind it either, but again would rather the clippers be used. I think it has more to do with the dog’s personality and the persistence of the owner in the first place that makes a difference. Chance, my baby, will fight me tooth and nail as soon as he even sees the dremel, but if I don’t give in, he eventually will. It’s awfully hard though to pick up a Newfoundland’s head once he’s planted it firmly over his two front paws in effort to keep them from being touched! I can’t believe the strength in their neck muscles! Cody, my Cocker, yelps if you just touch his foot in any manner and Casey, my Golden, will do anything for a biscuit!

So what’s your take? Leave your comment. Even opposing views are always welcome :)


  1. At my house the dogs who are already cooperative did well, the rest hated the Pedipaws. The dremel is probably the better buy.

  2. Thanks M. I agree with that! Maybe we could incorporate a safety top for the regular dremel!