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Saturday, April 18, 2009

clicker training

While there are many ways to train a dog I have found clicker training to be less frustrating as it really gets and holds a dog's attention fairly quickly. This is a good method for puppies because they usually love to eat! It's good for the owner because it takes the frustration out of their voice tones. No words needed! Here are a couple of sites to take you step by step.

I like this site because you can easily print off the directions as you need them so you are not going back and forth to the computer wondering if you are doing it right and it is cheaper than buying a book!

This is another favorite site because it shows videos on how to do clicker training, and quite some years ago I contacted this person when the site was just beginning
and suggested he show how to clicker train for therapy dog work which he obviously took me up on! Great job Gal! At one time Gal had a place to share photo albums which showed Chance when he was just starting his therapy work.

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