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Monday, April 6, 2009


My name is Sally and I invite you to share your stories, ideas, training tips, and questions about anything dog. I have owned and trained dogs in obedience for twenty plus years of all different breeds. Please adhere to the rules of google, no explicit content or foul language. Keep it light and enjoyable! send me your email so I can invite you to post a comment.

Chance's birth

It's six pm and Abby is frantically running from room to room nervously. Oh god, she's ready! She scampers to the door to go outside. I quickly put a leash on her to keep her safe. It is February and the snow and icy ground offers no protection for her. She runs to her pen and scours the dog house, a place she has never used before, but there is straw inside. I see her turning and turning in the straw so I give her a tug on the leash, knowing that clearly she does not have to pee. Come on Abby. I called. Let's go back inside. Inside the house, she again ran from room to room and settles on the bed in the spare bedroom where her whelping box is set up. Oh God, she's going to give birth on the bed! This sent me scrambling for a back up plan.
Ah Jeez, I can't do this alone! I am a trainer in obedience, "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!" I said to no one as I thought of the famous line in an old movie.
I ran to the basement to gather up all the old plastic table clothes and comforters I could find as Abby was going to give birth on the bed, that was certain. I hadn't the heart to force her to go to the whelping box.
I could hear Dad, Bentley, barking in the TV room and I wondered if he realized what was going on or was he just being his usual 'one track' mind Bentley who had his eye on a rabbit outside and wanted to get after it. I ignored his boisterous voice and tended to Abby.
I had covered the new guest mattress with the table clothes and the old comforter I found in the basement , after all, I would be sleeping on that bed for the first couple of weeks with Abby and the pups after they were born.
To be continued...

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